What to expect

On arrival it can be a good idea for me to greet you and your dog outside before entering the studio.

A studio can be a strange environment for a dog and very often your dog won’t have met me before and it’s important for your dog to be as at ease as possible. We may even take a quick stroll around the outdoor area which enables your dog to relax in my presence in a neutral environment. It’s also a good opportunity for your dog to empty its bladder before the shoot, although don’t worry accidents will and do happen in the studio and it’s never a problem.

Next we enter the studio and whilst you relax and enjoy a cup of tea we let your dog have a good sniff around off the lead to become familiar with the environment and as comfortable as possible.

Then we crack open the treats! We aim at this point to get the dog in to the backdrop and the shooting begins. It’s not uncommon for dogs to wander off set during the shoot. Please don’t be frustrated by this, it’s best to let the dog do this and he/she can always be coaxed back. I always work at your dog’s pace. Remember the more relaxed you are then the more relaxed your dog will be.

A typical shoot will be around 40 minutes but can run up to an hour. I don’t let any dog sit longer than this, usually they will have had enough by this point. You will probably find your dog is very tired after a shoot and I have been told that clients dogs sleep for hours afterwards!

After the shoot I edit your images; this takes around a week, after which we arrange a date for you to come and view the photographs. Post production is an important part of the creative process and ensures that your images are the best they can be. You do at this point get to choose your complementary social media quality image too.

Once you have chosen your image(s) and the sizes the images are printed. All of our prints are produced on the highest quality archival fine art paper. When the prints are ready I then package them up and we arrange delivery or collection of them. 

As I create bespoke pieces, I can offer advice where to hang and what size will look best in your home prior to your sitting.