Preparing for your shoot

TREATS We rely fairly heavily on bribery during a sitting and this means treats. If your dog has any specific dietary requirements then please feel free to bring your own, otherwise we use dog training treats.

GROOMING  If you would like your pet groomed beforehand then by all means have this done. It is not essential unless you want that just groomed look. A bath, a good brush and of course clean eyes is always a good idea.

EYES  Can you see your dog’s eyes? The end result will often have more impact (although not always) if the camera can connect with the eyes. They really can be key in capturing the personality of your pet. Consider having the fur around the eyes trimmed so we can make eye contact..

​PARTICIPATION  As the owner you will play an important part in the photo shoot, mainly giving the treats at the right moments and giving your pet reassurance if and when needed.